The Abbé, first call for generosity
In the fifties, Radio-Luxembourg airs every day, at midday, a show called “quitte ou double” (double or nothing); the very popular show is followed by a majority in France. Around the Abbé Pierre, an idea is born; why not participate, since he has nothing to lose?
Embarrassed at first, the Abbé agrees to sign up. He then finds himself, some time after that, face to face with Zappy Max, the famous show host. The questions being mainly about politics, the ex-MP, at ease, manages to pocket 250 000 old francs – almost 4000 Euros today.
Then suddenly the Abbé has a revelation: why not take the opportunity of being on air, of being heard by hundreds of thousands, to call out for generosity? It’s his turn to ask a question… a simple one: what will the people listening to him, comfortably sitting with their families next to their radio, do to help their fellow men who don’t have a roof? Immediately the phone starts ringing.