Inauguration of the Abbé Pierre Centre in Esteville
One of the donors who participated in the funding of this unique place shared his impressions after the inauguration. On site, the museum’s visit was an emotionally charged moment during which he discovered marking points of Abbé Pierre’s life, moments he didn’t know about before.

“I fully trust the Foundation to best use the public’s generosity…”

“For me, the strongest emotion was created by seeing up close and personal and reading some of the Abbé’s letters. When he writes to the Minister of Housing in the winter of 1954, following the death of little Marc. His words are powerful and that moved me.
He also made it possible for this place, in Esteville, not to be a mausoleum, but also a place of living for some twenty persons in difficulties, who take part in the life of the premises. It is very important for me and I am very satisfied that my donation helped realise such a project.
I fully trust the Foundation to best use the public’s generosity… there’s so much that needs to be done! What I’ve most appreciated, for the year and a half during which I’ve been a donor, is to be regularly and concretely informed concerning what is done with the donations. To me, this is very precious.”