Hosting and housing
Guests in the Grenoble Solidarity Shop
12/08/2013 | Photo credits: Seb!Godefroy

These structures are constantly adapting to the needs of the persons they host and support, and who are suffering from great difficulties.

The Solidarity Shops are day hosting structures born in the early 90s, they offer to persons in need unconditional, segregation-free and anonymously, three services: unconditional hosting, listening and orientation of badly housed or homeless persons. On average, 67 persons are received everyday.
213 persons are employed in the Solidarity Shops and 245 volunteers contribute on regular basis to their good functioning. Solidarity Shops are open on average 274 days a year.
Family Hotels are living spaces operated by a host couple; they target much weakened persons by offering them an independent housing unit alongside conviviality minded spaces.

In 2012, the Foundation had 35 Family Hotels, representing 560 housing units and 600 residents.

The residents are given the necessary support for their integration process. They take part in the daily chores and share their meals.
Beyond their hosting, listening and orientation missions, their actions have greatly evolved in order to better address the needs created by the emergence of a new precariousness, and therefore new requirements. The teams have progressed towards more professionalism and cohesiveness all the while retaining the perfect balance between volunteers and employees.