Eleventh National Solidarity Sports Meeting

The National Solidarity Sports Meeting organized each year near Toulon hosted for the first time the Solidarity Shops of the island of the Reunion.

05/09/2013 | Photo credits: DR FAP

400 persons in difficulty gathered near Toulon

The 11th National Solidarity Sports Meeting took place on the 22nd and the 23rd of May in La Garde, where people facing difficulties came together from all over France. Some even made it all the way from the island of the Reunion!

Like each year, the association "Les Amis de Jéricho", from the Solidarity Shop in Toulon, organised this unique event.

20 Solidarity Shops and 13 Family Hotels from the Foundation's network

The planned activities included football, petanque and table tennis, encounters and relaxation... and for the courageous ones: swimming! The winners of the petanque tournament were the guests from the Grenoble Shop and Lyon won the football tournament. A trek for all participants and a special cup awarded to the "great travellers" of the island of the Reunion were the distinctive features this year.

In parallel to the sporting activities, a special event took place during this 11th edition: a meeting between all the Solidarity Shops to work on a new version of the charter of daytime reception: those in charge of the Shops, administrators and naturally the welcoming teams and the guests themselves took part in the revising work that started during those 2 days.

More events during this 11th Meeting included the involvement of the four Solidarity Shops of the island of the Reunion for the first time. Many special events were organised on the island (concerts...) to finance the trip that allowed the majority of the guests from the Reunion to discover their home country.