An apartment in the heart of Paris for a single-parent family

This apartment, which was donated to the Foundation, close to the Montparnasse neighbourhood, has been renovated and upgraded to standards.

05/09/2013 | Photo credits: DR FAP

A living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom in the heart of Paris for a low rent: this is the apartment leased by the Foundation through a 25-year deed to the association "Solidarités Nouvelles pour le Logement 75". Renovation works were financed in the framework of the "Roofs First" programme, allowing the tenant to minimize energy consumption.

The 28 m2 of living space were insulated.

A gas boiler and thermostat controlled radiators insure a minimum cost of heating in the apartment. The 28 m2 housing unit was insulated from the outside and double glazing windows were installed. The thermal study carried out foresees more than a 1000 € per year in energy savings for the residents. The apartment was ready by the end of 2012. A single mother and her 4-year old son have been occupying the apartment since the end of April 2013.