High Impact Operation by the Foundation in front of the Ministry of Justice

Staff, volunteers and sympathisers gather in front of the Ministry of Justice.

05/09/2013 | Photo credits: LjubisaDanilovic

Just before the start of the suspension of tenant evictions during the winter period, the Foundation Abbé Pierre is appalled by the increase in the number of these evictions.

Particularly worried by the aggravation of the social situation, as seen in its reception and hosting points, the Foundation highlights the fact that some outposts received, during the first trimester 2012, as many persons as during all of 2011. The number of decisions to evict due to unpaid rent continues to tirelessly rise.

12 759 evictions carried out with the assistance of police force in 2012.

We have 113 669 evictions in 2011, as opposed to 109 160 in 2010, an increase of more than 4%. There were 12 759 police assisted evictions as opposed to 11 670 in 2011 (an increase of 9%).

Posters were put up during this operation and furniture was laid out in front of the Chancellery. This action was reproduced in other parts of the country by the Foundation's regional Agencies, in Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux.