Solidarity and responsibility
12/08/2013 | Photo credits: DR FAP

In France, the Foundation supports, first and foremost, auto-renovation projects that allow the beneficiaries to take an active part in the works whenever possible. 417 operations all over the country were financed in 2012 for a total amount exceeding 11 million Euros. Whether in the framework of its extensive national programmes "Roofs First" and "SOS Slum" or through other housing improvement operations, when an extra financial help is needed to kick-start the works.

Outside France, in countries suffering from poverty or subject to natural disasters, the Foundation Abbé Pierre finances housing construction with as much help as possible from the local, often impoverished, populations. Tens of thousands of people concretely saw their living conditions improve; micro-activities are encouraged in the framework of endorsed development programmes. In 2012, the Foundation intervened in more than 20 countries to implement 41 development, housing renovation and construction projects with the assistance of the locals.

In ten years, the Foundation allocated 270 000 K€ to international aid.