Improving the housing and living conditions of 3000 persons in Niger

In the Nigerian desert, the Foundation has been financing construction projects by "Imane", a French NGO working solely with volunteers.

05/09/2013 | Photo credits: DR FAP

37 houses, built with earth bricks made on site, have been constructed in Tchibnitene, first Tuareg village, with beneficiaries taking an active part in the construction (water, manufacturing, food for the builders...). Since 2010, some twenty villagers have been trained in construction techniques in order to continue the improvement of local housing.

Today, Tchibnitene has its own cereal bank, a sewing venue and an embroidery venue in addition to a village grocery, animal feed bank, and a delivery room with about twenty villagers trained by a midwife.

The Foundation will continue financing actions till 2014

In Goffat, the primary school which opened in 2000 has expanded with the addition of the Tchirozerine boarding secondary school; students can now avoid a daily roundtrip on foot and have access to three meals a day. Inaugurated in 2008 and having recently expanded, the school hosts 90 boys and girls allowing Goffat students to continue their education till the end of high school.

Until 2014, the Foundation will continue to finance some actions providing direct benefits to the residents on an individual level and others that favour the development of the village as a whole. Houses, infrastructures, collectives, wells, microcredit... the priorities are set collectively based on fair distribution.