Our ambition: to federate the partners implicated in meaningful initiatives with high added value.


Today in France, 3.7 million people are badly housed.

The Foundation Abbé Pierre remains convinced that businesses have their part to play by its side to provide a roof to those who don't have one and to fight bad-housing.

You too can join the socially-minded companies, partners of the Foundation Abbé Pierre! Forms of support can be diverse and committed: financial support (product sharing...), gifts (computer hardware, advertising spots...), sponsorship and patronage, mobilisation of employees (collecting lunch vouchers, concerts, shows, exhibitions...) organised in favour of the Foundation Abbé Pierre.

The Foundation Abbé Pierre's expertise in the matters of housing the underprivileged can also be highlighted through a dialogue between firms and the housing sector in an attempt to find together the adapted response to the housing needs of the majority.