Solidarity Lunch Vouchers: keep supporting us!
The Foundation keeps the "Solidarity Lunch Vouchers" operation going.
In 2012, the generosity of employees and work councils reached 84 500 Euros.
06/09/2013 | Photo credits: DR FAP

For the last 4 years, many solidarity-minded employees have mobilised for the "Solidarity Lunch Vouchers" campaign, which starts in November. In 2013, this national operation will go on till the end of February and will allow us to bring support to the most disadvantaged during this winter period.

The gifts, in the form of lunch vouchers, allow the funding of the Foundation's missions for the most impoverished: hosting and aiding the homeless, facing daily distress in its 30 Solidarity Shops, bringing help to families under the threat of eviction, creating new Family Hotels, renovating substandard housing...

Thank you for your support!