With you, we can act!

Dear friends,

More and more people without a roof, solitary persons sleeping in their cars, young students without housing, poor workers desperately waiting for social housing, families under the threat of eviction, overcrowded and insalubrious housing...

Just like you, we want to avoid these tragedies. With you, we can act!

Indeed, without help or subsidy, only your support gives the Foundation Abbé Pierre the means to act correctly for the isolated families and persons in need.

True to Abbé Pierre's fight, the Foundation has been working for more than 20 years to help underprivileged persons find a roof and a dignified life.

Recognised as promoting the public interest and member of the Comité de la Charte; you can make a donation with an easy mind. 75% of the donated amount is deductible from your income tax or ISF (Solidarity tax on Capital), in compliance with the TEPA law.
Support our actions by donating today and we will send you your fiscal receipt (to be attached to your tax return).

Facing the ravages to the current crisis, let us be more united and brotherly than ever!

Heartfelt thanks for you presence by our side.